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2013 Commander’s Cup

The Commander’s Cup is an annual event where both Army ROTC cadets and Air Force ROTC cadets compete in a variety of sporting events ultimately for the pride of their respective programs. The event began in 2011 and consisted of a single 7 vs 7 flag football game in which the Army ROTC program won handily.  Since then, the event has expanded to further encourage competition and cross-service relations between the two programs by increasing the number of sports from one to three in a best two out of three scenario.

The sports these two group of cadets participated in began with Ultimate Frisbee in which the Army ROTC program, also know as Rocky Top Battalion, won 12-6.  Next, the Rocky Top Battalion was able to sweep the AFROTC program by winning a 5vs5 basketball game 29-23 and finally concluded the Commander’s Cup with a triumphant 28-12 7vs7 flag football victory. Afterwards, there was a presentation of the official Commander’s Cup trophy to the Army ROTC cadet captain and a few well-spoken words shared from both of the program’s Professors of Military Science.

Overall, the Commander’s Cup accomplished it’s goal of encouraging the healthy competition that occurs across service levels while still hammering home the point that at the end of the day we are all part of the same team and that we all share one common goal; to gallantly and selflessly serve both our flag and nation.  (Click here for more photos)