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Every Soldier has personal reasons for joining the U.S. Army, and your son or daughter is no different. Listen to the stories of young Soldiers and their parents to help understand why people choose to serve.

Let Your Child Pursue His or Her Dreams

Law enforcement. Engineering. Law. Medicine. No matter where your son’s or daughter’s interests lie, the Army offers expert training in a wide range of careers: 120 in the Army Reserve and 150 in active Army. Whether they choose to explore a new career or strengthen their current one, hands-on experience will give them an edge.

Make College Affordable

Education can be costly, but the Army offers rich benefits that can significantly lessen the financial burden. These include offering money for college, college loan repayment programs and other academic incentives.

Understand Their Reasoning

When your son or daughter comes to you to discuss joining the Army, listen. They’re making a choice that requires a deep personal commitment that will give them the strength and focus to succeed in life. To become someone you’ll be proud of.

Stand By Them

Your son or daughter will learn what it means to be a Soldier—a title of distinction. They’ll face new levels of responsibility, discipline and self-knowledge. But first, they’ll need you to stand by them.

We encourage parents of prospective cadets to review the Parents and Advisors FAQ on the US Army ROTC website. It provides information on the value of Army ROTC participation, ROTC courses, cadet life, career paths, service obligations, salary and benefits, and more. You are also welcome to contact us with any questions about your son or daughter’s participation in ROTC.