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How to Start Strong

Whether you’re in high school, college or already in the Army, there is a way you can become an officer in today’s Army.

High School Students

If you’re still in high school and you’re interested in enrolling in Army ROTC, you can find schools that carry an Army ROTC program—such as UT—or talk to your academic advisor. Learn more about Army ROTC scholarships for high school students.

College Students

If you’re interested in enrolling in Army ROTC and you are in college at UT or elsewhere, you can start by taking an Army ROTC basic elective course. If you have at least two or more years remaining toward your undergraduate degree, but not enough time to complete the Basic Course, you can enter the Army ROTC Advanced Course by completing the Basic Camp held at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during the summer.

Contact us (or, if you’re a student at another school, contact the ROTC Department there) for other ways to enroll in Army ROTC and the incentives available, including opportunities to compete for two-, three-, or four-year scholarships.

Transfer and Graduate Students

If you have at least two years remaining in your transfer or graduate program, you are still eligible to enroll in Army ROTC.

Basic Camp

This course is for college students who want to complete Army ROTC training in two years. To qualify, you must complete a challenging and motivating twenty-eight-day training program at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Upon completion of the Basic Camp, you return to campus prepared to enter the Advanced Course. Contact us for more information. Learn more about Army ROTC scholarships for college students.

Cadet for a Day

If you’re a current high school or college student, the “Cadet for a Day” program can give you a first-hand preview of ROTC life at UT.  Click here to be taken the “Cadet for a Day” registration form.